Growth Driver RACI: Eliminate confusion, upheaval and sub-optimal decision-making.

Confused about who really owns the growth-related decisions in your firm?

Is it the leadership team, practices, geographies, individual partners, BD, or marketing? Not knowing creates sub-optimal growth, organizational confusion and needless emotional upheaval.

GrowthDriverRACI-257x300.jpgI developed The Growth Driver RACI, after years of wrestling with the political, cultural, and decentralized confusion of decision-making in matrixed firms. The tool helps you get clear on decisions--big and small--that lead to sub-optimal growth.

Are you wrestling with issues like:

  • Who owns the client relationship?
  • Who owns the voice of the client: practice, business development or marketing?
  • Who makes the decision when a product or service has met its apogee and needs to be retired or cut from marketing and sales emphasis?
  • Who makes the decision about which people serve a key account: account owner, practice leader or office managing partner?
  • Who owns a client's data?

Stop the confusion and get your teams focused on growth.